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Married Miami biochemist arrested for sexually battering three women

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A biochemist in Miami Beach is facing multiple charges after authorities arrested him on multiple counts of allegedly drugging and sexually battering several women in his luxury condo. 

Jeremy Bittner, 41, was arrested on Monday on several counts of sexual battery, false imprisonment and possession of a controlled substance.

The charges are connected to three incidents beginning in 2022, involving several alleged victims who describe the haunting behavior of a man they believed to be an upstanding professional.

Each of the alleged incidents happened at Bittner’s luxury condo, The Waverly, on the west side of Miami Beach.

‘The way I would categorize him is, is an individual who victimized at least three women. He has caused pain and suffering that will last for the remainder of their life I’m sure,’ said Miami Beach spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez.

Jeremy Bittner, 41, being brought up on charges in Miami on Tuesday afternoon for three alleged rape or attempted rapes of women he lured to his Miami Beach condo

He is ‘a dangerous man who’s been taken off of our streets,’ he continued.’Thankfully these women were brave enough to come forward…ultimately our goal is to ensure that this man stays behind bars.’

The department believes there may still be other women out there who were victims of Bittner’s behavior and are encouraging them to come forward.

One woman, 47, told investigators she had been sexually battered by Bittner on January 30, 2022, according to arrest reports.

The woman said she’d met Bittner in April or May of 2020 and considered him a friend as she understood him to be married at the time.

He later told her that he and his wife had separated.After that, when they were hanging out, he attempted to have sex with her and she refused his advances.

On the day of the alleged incident, Bittner asked the woman to come over and have a drink, but she said that when she arrived, he was smoking crack and snorting cocaine and proceeded to offer her ecstasy.

She said no to the drugs, but accepted a glass of wine, which was when she said she began to feel drowsy, as though he had potentially drugged her drink.

Bittner then allegedly sexually battered her as she tried to get him off. 

‘Due to her altered state, believed to be the result of being drugged, she was unable to defend herself,’ reads the arrest report.

The woman was eventually able to fight Bittner off and left his home.

The biochemist told detectives that the sexual activity was consensual and denied drugging the woman.

The police reports also include a second alleged victim, a 25-year-old woman, who claims to have been sexually battered by Bittner in late October of 2022.

The woman traveled to Miami Beach from Rome, Italy – where she lives – after searching for a place to rent in Florida and being contacted by Bittner, who offered her a room in his apartment for $1,500 per month.

After arriving in Miami, Bittner picked her up at the airport and took her back to his place, where she saws she saw a table in the living room covered with drugs.

The young woman said Bittner took cocaine and Marmaris Escort soon became physically violent.

He yanked her head and grabbed a gun, telling her to ‘go along with the program,’ according to the report.

Bittner then grabbed her by the neck and pushed her onto his couch, where he removed her clothing and sexually assaulted her.

The woman said she attempted to fight him off but was unsuccessful.

She was eventually able to contact an acquaintance who came to pick her up.

Bittner told detectives that this too had been a consensual encounter.

Bittner, a biochemist, had been married until recently, when he separated from his wife

He lived at the Waverly South Beach, a luxury condo building on the west side of Miami, where young women who lived in the building said he liked to hang around always for a little too long

Bittner’s arrest report includes a description from one of the young women of the alleged serial rapist becoming violent with her after she went back to his apartment

A third alleged victim told detectives that she was drugged and sexually battered by Bittner on February 4 of this year.

The 34-year-old woman said she was in her condo in the same building waiting for the elevator when she was approached by Bittner.The pair chatted and exchanged numbers.

He later sent her a text asking her if she wanted to have drinks, which she agreed to.

She went to his condo, where he offered her cocaine, which she declined.He made her a vodka mixed drink, which she drank a small amount of when she began to feel ‘extremely relaxed.’

The arrest reports indicate that Bittner at one point forcefully poured liquid into her mouth. Her next memory was waking up on his couch as Bittner grabbed her by the throat.

After she left, Bittner texted the woman photos he took of her while she was passed out on his soda.

The woman later produced a video on her phone of her confronting Bittner and asking why he’d drugged her.

She told him she didn’t want to be drugged, to which he replied: ‘Then why did you let yourself?’

A neighbor who was alarmed by Bittner’s arrest told that he ‘was always kind of like lurking around, always stays in the elevator a little bit longer, wants to talk to you in the elevator that kind of thing.’

‘He did rub me the wrong way, he did like follow me and I was kind of worried if he lives in the building, so I can’t believe it.’ 

Judge Mindy Glazer of the Miami-Dade court system (left) and Jeremy Bittner in a suicide prevention vest (right), appearing in court on Tuesday February 28, 2023 following his arrest

A shot of the arrest scene at The Waverly in Miami Beach.Bittner was arrested Monday on a number of charges pertaining to three alleged instances of sexual battery

Exterior shot of The Waverly SoBe off of 14th street on the city’s west side

Bittner of South Beach scene in his Twitter profile picture.He told the judge he could not afford a lawyer because he lost his job in September

One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said she and some others in the building would see Bittner at odd hour of the day with women they presumed were escorts.

‘Wonder what took so long,’ she said referring to law enforcement taking action against Bittner. 

He is currently being held without bond in the Miami-Dade jail.

Bittner told the judge he was let go from his job at the end of September last year, to which the judge responded that she does not believe he qualifies for a public defender.

The state requested a bond of $1million.